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Welcome to the Fush homepage. Fush is a Unix shell replacement. It is designed to be a more secure shell with many security features not found in other shells. Fush allows a system administrator to log all commands entered and restrict what commands can be run on the system on a per user basis. Fush creates MD5 sums for commands on your system and can restrict certain commands from being run, or to only run approved commands. Fush gives the system administer control and flexability and proves a functional environment for the end user.


Documentation is an ongoing process and always seems to be the hardest part of any project. The current documentation from the fush manual pages are available FUSH and FUADMIN

A Quick Start Guide has also been written for impatient users. This doument contains a very brief into and instructions for install on your system.

Current Status:

Fush 0.8.0 is the most current release.
* Compiles on most Unix platforms
* Full core feature set

Road Map:

Fush 0.6.x DONE!
+ Improved documentation
+ Complete Administration program

Fush 0.7 DONE!
+ Major bug fixes
+ Added ~/.fushrc support
+ Command parser rewritten
+ More rigorus testing before release

+ Improved signal handling

+ umask support

+ Nohup support for executed commands

+ Lots more

Fush 0.8 in progress...
+ Change execvp(3) to exect(3) with strict environment setting
+ Optional support for .profile
+ Improved configure script
+ Improved make system
+ Enhanced portability

Fush 0.9to be announced...
+ Pre Production release





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